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It was a long debate that once having a child is the end of career for Women's and specially as a Photographer where so much of physical work is involved it's the end of line. But my aim was not to call a child an obstacle in my profession and treat her like a blessing, started working and travelling just wafter 40 days of birth of my daughter. And since then no looking back , there was a lot of fortune that came in with presence of an angel.
Abhi and family helped in travelling and managing shoots by handling her during my absence. And I still say this is the best7 profession where after working for 22 hrs a day, next day you can spend complete time with your child. That how life is you convert every stone thrown in you into a milestone.

Sakshi Ashdhir

Clark Kent of the wedding photography Industry, works as a network engineer during the day, come the event time the man goes into his realm of creativity and polishing. Passionate and Dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Abhinav Ashdhir

A bachelor in Mass Communication and a Master in Multimedia Design from Monash.
Lives in the vision of a lens. has a love for creating ever lasting memories and documentary film making.

High energy production and creative flows are my drugs

Sanket Singh



 A peoples person.Dedicated to tell your story in the most beautiful and unique way possible. great to work with shy couples as he will break the ice and make you smile.

   The Executioner 



The Silent Capture Unit. Rishab works in his own way, blending in with your family he brings out the most beautiful insights of your special days without anyone even noticing, Pure Candid.

The Candid

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